Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Featured Business - Sao Jose Carpintaria

Owner Mr. Gagu with his personally crafted product, model Timorese traditional houses.

Located in the small town of Hatolia in the District of Ermera, Mr. Julito Gagu's company Sao Jose Carpintaria supplies the community with carpentry products made from teak wood. However, the normal range of carpentry wares is not all that Mr. Gagu's specializes in assembling; individually constructed models of traditional Timorese houses or uma adat are what makes Gagu's carpentry outfit memorable. 

Sao Jose Carpintaria's online profile page on the Online Procurement Database.

Even though Sao Jose Carpintaria encounters problems faced by many rural business operating in Timor-Leste, such as lack of transport and electricity, the company has already attracted the attention of local buyers. He has been commissioned several times by Hatolia's junior high school to construct model houses to be used as gifts for international donors. An added benefit of collaboration with the school is the assistance in tuition payment that he now receives for his five children.

To learn more of Sao Jose Carpintaria, please visit Peace Dividend Trust's Online Procurement Database, To learn more about the Peace Dividend Marketplace - Timor-Leste project, email

Friday, 19 February 2010

Two Tender Wins Creates 26 New Jobs for Medina Construction

Medina Construction was founded in January of last year and had little experience in applying for tenders. However, after two visits to Peace Dividend Trust's Tender Distribution Service, Mr. Jose Medina was able to successfully apply and win two UNDP contracts worth a collective $53,770.60. Because of the influx in work, Medina Construction hired 26 national laborers to help complete the project; 14 of these stayed on with the company permanently.

Medina Construction team working on the first tender - Kobe Houses for UNDP.

In addition to mainstream construction activities, Mr. Medina, a native of the Philippines, engages his company's resources and time in partnering with a variety local enterprises including Helmi Construction and Hidayat Construction to offer his expertise as an engineering consultant.

 Finishing touches being put on the second UNDP tender - a community center in Dili.

If you have any questions about the tendering process in Timor-Leste or would like to receive information about available tenders, do not hesitate to contact the Tender Distribution Services Associate Eduardo Da Costa +670.735.2854.

PDT's Tender Distribution Service is funded by AusAid.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Rural Businesses Advocate "Buy Local, Build Timor-Leste"

You can see it painted on billboards, advertised in restaurants, lining the sides of cars, motorbikes and trolleys, and positioned in front of PDT's four offices in Baucau, Covalima, Dili and Viqueque. Now Peace Dividend Trust's "Buy Local, Build Timor-Leste" logo and slogan can even be viewed on the walls of private businesses operating in rural regions of Timor-Leste. Joining the campaign to promote local procurement, 18 businesses proudly display the message that encourages spenders in Timor-Leste to purchase locally.


Pictured above in Covalima, Loja Caracol Lda (top) and Guest House Felanna (bottom) offered wall space to feature the display. In addition to Covalima, the logo and slogan can be seen painted on the outsides of businesses in the districts of Lautem, Manatuto, Manufahi and Viqueque.

This activity was funded by Eni.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

A $1,460 Deal for Manatuto Soybean Farmer

With the aid of PDT’s district Matchmaking (MM) team, local Manatuto farmer Abilio Joao Martins was able to find a buyer for 2,921kg of soybeans worth $1,460.50.

Gilberto Amaral, PDT’s Viqueque District Representative, was contacted by a previous client, Mr. Venancio Siqueira Ximenes, who had purchased a large sum of soybeans in Viqueque. Mr. Ximenes, satisfied with his first purchase, sought an additional quantity of soybeans to sell to wholesalers in Dili. Mr. Amaral in turn contacted Matchmaking staff in the district of Manatuto who were able to quickly link Mr. Ximenes with Mr. Martins, despite the fact they had never met face to face before.

Manatuto MM team members Benigno Humberto da Cruz (center) and Fransisco Remedios Quintao (right) with Mr. Abilio Joao Martins.

After the transaction, Mr. Martins expressed his satisfaction with PDT’s Matchmaking system in the districts, citing that its services motivate him to continue to work in the agricultural arena. This particular sale of soybeans has substantially increased both Mr. Martin’s income and standard of living. As a result, his children now have four bicycles to go back and forth from school each day. Currently, PDT’s Matchmaking teams operate in 9 out of the 13 districts of Timor-Leste. For more information about the Matchmaking program, please contact Ilidio Ximenes +670.723.3335 or Brigida Soares +670.729.8264. For addition inquires about PDT's operations in  Timor-Leste, please email

PDT’s Matchmaking activities are funded by AusAid.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Success for Rice Farmers in District of Viqueque

Peace Dividend Trust's Micro Matchmaking Assistants in the district of Viqueque Gilberto Amaral, Antonio do Rosario and Vasco Maria Perreira have worked together over the past four months to secure a large transaction of field rice for Mr. Mario da Costa, a Seed Production Officer from the Seeds of Life program. The PDT Viqueque team utilized their extensive network of local suppliers to find enough rice to fill Mr. da Costa's order of 64,500kg resulting in a transaction worth $32,250 awarded to Viqueque farmers.

In addition to facilitating district based transactions, PDT's Micro Matchmaking team has undergone a bit of restructuring as it has absorbed control of the Dili based Matchmaking program. All services offered by Matchmaking and Micro Matchmaking will continue to run normally, as they are both now under the leadership of the previous Micro Matchmaking Associates Ilidio Ximenes and Brigida Soares.

PDT's Matchmaking and Micro Matchmaking activities are funded by AusAID and Eni.