Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Australian Parliamentary Delegation Visits Peace Dividend Trust Office in Baucau, Timor-Leste. 3 November 2008

Members of the Australian delegation listen to a presentation on PDT’s activities and first-year results.

Australian MP Mr Kelvin Thomson MP, leader of the delegation that visited PDT’s Baucau office on 3 November 2008, presents Adalgiza Marcal, PDT’s Baucau Office Representative, with a gift from the Australian Government.

Australian Senator Michaelia Cash, WA converses with PDT Micro Matchmaking Associate Ilidio Ximenes about PDT’s activities in Baucau. In the background, Australian MP Mrs Louise Markus and PDT Country Director Claire Parois discuss Baucau.

The Australian Parliamentary Delegation that visited PDT’s Baucau office on 3 November 2008. From left to right, they are Robin Scott-Charlton (AusAID), Mr Brett Raguse MP, Member for Forde (Qld) (ALP), delegation leader Mr Kelvin Thomson MP, Member for Wills (Vic) (ALP), deputy delegation leader Mrs Louise Markus MP, Member for Greenway (NSW) (Liberal), Senator Michaelia Cash, WA.