Friday, 13 February 2009

PDT Timor-Leste District Business Guide for Aileu

PDT Timor-Leste has just released a new District Business Guide (see above) in Tetun and English for the district of Aileu. This Guide features the details of 30 businesses active in Aileu district in a range of sectors including Agribusiness, Construction Supplies and Services, and General Supplies.

District Business Guides in pdf format can now be downloaded from the PDT Timor-Leste blogspot ( for the districts of Aileu, Covalima, Manufahi and Viqueque. PDT Timor-Leste expects to release a District Business Guides for the district of Lautem in coming weeks.

PDT Timor-Leste’s business verification and online procurement database program is supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and AusAID.