Friday, 9 October 2009

Introducing Dili's Newest Form of Transit Service - FlyBus, a Business on the Move.

Running a small guesthouse in Taibessi, Dili, Mr. Carlos Alberto Soares and Mrs. Maria João Soares often found their patrons requesting a reliable method of transportation to the airport in Dili. A few personal drives to the airport later, the Soares couple realized an unfilled demand in the travel sector: an airport shuttle that you can count on. Thus, the couple decided to create the enterprise FlyBus, the “reliable way to get to the airport!”

Owned by Mr. Soares and managed entirely by his wife Maria, Flybus has a fleet consisting of one bus and a driver but is expected to grow as demand increases. For now, it provides Timor-Leste with a unique service that has been generating much attention. In addition to shuttling travelers back and forth, to and from the airport, FlyBus runs day tours throughout all of Dili. For more information about the company or to make a reservation, call +670.750.8585, or send an email to You can also follow FlyBus of Peace Dividend Trust’s online database service,

Mr. Carlos Alberto Soares and Mrs. Maria João Soares, founders of FlyBus.